EVE-SRP: An EVE Online Ship Replacement Program App

EVE-SRP is designed to facilitate a ship replacement (SRP) or reimbursement program in the game EVE Online. It features a pluggable authentication setup so it can integrate with existing authentication systems, and comes with built in support for TEST Alliance’s Auth and Brave’s Core systems. It also features a configurable killmail source system, with built in support for zKillboard based killboards and the recent ESI killmail endpoint. Again, this is an extensible system so if you have a custom killboard, as long as there’s some sort of programmatic access, you can probably write a custom adapter.

For the users, EVE-SRP offers quick submission and an easy way to check your SRP pending requests. On the administrative side, EVE-SRP uses the concept of divisions, with different users and groups of users being able to submit requests, review them (set payouts and approve or reject requests), and finally pay out approved requests. This separation allows spreading of the labor intensive and low risk task of evaluating requests from the high privilege of paying out requests from a central wallet. This also means different groups can have different reviewing+paying teams. For example, you may wish for capital losses to be reviewed by a special team that is aware of your capital group’s fitting requirements, and in lieu of payouts you may have someone hand out replacement hulls.

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